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The admission fee ( first year ) is 150 € ; after,140 € a year.

Young members ( 19 - 25 years old ) 100 € a year.

Junior members ( 0 -18 years old ) 30 € a year.

The ministry of infrastructures has found through its laws and publications the Italian Register of Alfa Romeo, Fiat Register, Lancia Register, ASI and FMI (Italian Motorcycling Federation) to be the only Registers qualified to give out the “historical and collectables certificate” which is the only valid document that proves the authenticity and historical or collectable value of the vehicle (decree mentioned, pag.4 paragraph 1.2.).

Subscribing a car to RIAR:

-        Permits you to obtain the “ historical and collectable certificate”. This certificate plus the inscription are essential for people who need to re-register their car.

-        It certifies the classification of a vehicle on the “historical and collectable” side, it allows the owner to obtain advantages on tax payments, insurance and circulation and servicing permits.

It also allows you:

To attend to the rallies that RIAR organizes yearly (about 5 or 6 rallies per year in Italy and out of the country). RIAR also organizes special rallies for the younger crowd.

-        To be involved in the Alfa world

-        To obtain special insurance policies

-         To have access to all the data and historical archives of Alfa Romeo, the most detailed and official information from the Alfa Romeo Documentation Center. The information involves the     history, the techniques, the men who created Alfa Romeo, and all the vehicles from 1910 till now.

-        To consult with the Technical Commission, so the most important and famous Alfa Romeo experts

-        To receive all the necessary information for a perfect restoration of a specific car.

-        To become part of Alfa Romeos history (RIAR was founded in 1962)

-        To become and feel like a real Alfa fan

-        To take part in the yearly assemblies in a very exclusive and glamorous environment like the Alfa Romeo Museum of Arese.

-        To be in contact with Alfa clubs all over Italy and all over the world

-        To receive free of charge the prestigious magazine " Il Quadrifoglio "

 If the car is homologated, to expose the plate in bronze that proves its originality:


The ASI (Italian Historical car and motorcycle club – Torin) autonomously decides the price of the refund necessary to release the documentation. But, because RIAR is  federated with ASI, the RIAR associates can obtain all the certificates that ASI can issue and that the associate wants through the RIAR secretary.

As we have already mentioned, a car must coincide with its original details, apart from slight usage signs due to its age. The car can be restored but the job must be done in compliance with its initial conditions, including the color it was born with. We don’t homologate cars that have been repaionted into another color or have different appolstry even if provided in catalog, unless these changes have actually been historicized, so done in the first years of the car (not more than 10 years from its production – valid only for 20 year old cars or more).

Homologation does not give any economical advantages to an associate, with a 20 year old car (or more) nor with a vehicle from a private list. It gives the car a historical value, increasing its commercial value.

Of course! In the same way as the ASI, an associate can forward the request for the FIVA I.d. Card directly passing through the secretary without needing to go through the technical commission of RIAR and the subscription. The FIVA I.d. Card is released only by the ASI.

The subscription fee needs to be payed after the subscription has been excepted by RIAR with a request from the secretary.
The fee can be payed by post, by money transfer in the bank ( the secretary will communicate the IBAN code to pay into) by credit card ( no American Express or Diners), by cheque to RIAR or directly to our secretary. 
The same goes for the yearly fee, that must be payed by and not beyond February of each year.
For a few years now RIAR has tried to help its members in all the country by giving out a calendar of the subscription meetings at the beginning of each year. They are held in various regions in Italy and in well equipt structures. The calendar is created at the beginning of each year. We sudjest all interested people to: 
A) Ask our secretary to send out the paper copy of the "Request of subscription"
B) Send our secretary all the necessary documents as soon as possible
C)  Wait to be contacted by the technical commission to know if the car is subscribable or if it requires extra work on it
D) Find out on line about the various dates and locations
E) Book a meeting with our secretary (by fax or email)
The various appointments are held from February to November. 
Certainly. As long as you say that the car is in yours hands in your personal application. You will also need to purchase the family membership card, for 30€, in your wife's, dad's, mom's name.
(See paragraph 3)
Yes, RIAR organises 4/5 rallies a year in Italy and outside of the country.
- it was RIAR who in 1968 came up with and organized the first historical "one thousand miles".
- it was RIAR who in 1969 came up with and organized the first historical Milan to San Remo.
- it was RIAR who in 1973 came up with and organized the first historical "Florio Plate".
The RIAR has instituted a so called "affiliation" reserved for Alfa friend clubs who want to subscribe to its statute, to the principals and the filosofy of the Italian Alfa Romeo register.
The members of the club will have the advantage of entering in the exclusivity of RIAR and sharing purposes and initiatives. 
The main condition is to keep the club mono-brand, that only contains Alfa Romeo vehicles.
For all the other conditions or more detailed information we invite the presidents of the clubs to contact our secretary.
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